Google Adsense: The Killing Of A Writer

Part II

Part II

I don't know if you read in any of my post about some aspects of my former experienc with online writing. I can remember just under 3 years ago making 10,000% more, than in 1/2 the amount of articles I have posted as of today.  (about 675 with a lost of at least 25-30 along the way due to various reasons.) That's a dropp of HUNDREDS of dollars a month. I can remember fellow
members of the ONE of two websites I wrote for, never with duplicate content writing, back in the day, making 300 to 800 dollars easy

with articles that would go viral, because they were unique, in part.  These are figures by the day, week or month in some cases, even for myself.

By the way, these profits were WITHOUT a ton of backlinks that needed to be added, Facebook association, TWITTER, Pinterest, Linkedin, about another now over 300 new networking site connections and a bunch of other stuff writers now do, to get traffic.  This is not to mention having to write a book or two to help draw traffic as well. Those who had books back then, mostly showing how to "make money" writing online, easily clocked $1200 to $3000 grand EVERY MONTH until it that phase of online writing dried up and the purposely unnamed site, for instance, COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN WITH NO WARNING!!  Okay, a couple of weeks warning.  And no, I am not exaggerating and my figures are not based on word of month for the most part, I saw screenshots of the income of these writers.  Actual, legitimate screenshots.  If you are reading this article and a member of an online writing community, you can

see there has been drastic changes to online article writing pay.  The fact that the word got out people WERE making in some cases high 5 figure and even low 6 figure salaries, is one of the reasons for an influx of untrained mostly writers, as well.

The decision to stop payment at Expertscolumn in the way it has disclosed to do a type of probation period before making a final decision to MAYBE, (notice big letters of the word), shutdown after a few months is quite different than the purposely unnamed site I was a member, you know the one I mentioned gave no warning, at least not a warning in time to adjust for an instant lose of income for some members that was equating to about 20G a year?

In that case, we were all making sooo much money... that it could be averaged out HOW much we made per month and they gave us the option of a buy out of our articles. Now of course, this also meant that it was buying out the space of the writer online as well, which for high ranking articles, it was worth for more than residual income for the company and should have been calculated into the buy out payment, if writers then all but understood what they were allowing themselves to be swindled. Let me explain.

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