Google Adsense: Making Of The Cents Less Dollar

PART iii

Who is to blame?

When the site brought out the articles of writers, they were gaining high ranking webspace, which is worht a fortune.  To know how much online real estate can be worth, take a look at any domain selling site in their auction division where you will find astronomical costs for a domain that was attached to a site in some cases that was drawing high volumes of traffic.  I saw a domain name recently going for $27, 000.00 dollars!  It was a great name and the web space was only five years old.

Our articles were high ranking,

not like some much like currently websites like EC, Bubblews and a few authors that often time mostly depend on in house traffic.  Not mostly, but more than are articles that were getting mostly unique vistors.  How articles got unique visitors again was built upon the fact that the online writing market was not flooded by reporting of the same information.  For instance, a webpage filled with articles on how to make money or how to build a blogging site with 30 to 100 ways to do the same thing.  To the Google spiders, after awhile it appears to be spam or articles that use spin machines to create an article.  Where are articles were parked were valuable to the owners and advertisers.  After buyouts, the company replaced our spaces with similar articles written by their hand picked contributors that for the most part, were unpaid.  You can see how even if the company paid out 10's of thousands of dollars, in the long run they made and are still making a killing from the effort we put into the space with our high ranking articles in the beginning.  Don't worry about this happening to you or your work today. Not going to happen. It is a far different online experience today.  Those days can never be repeated for company owners or writers getting buyouts either.

I know of one woman, actually, she is a personal friend, that the wriring site paid her about an 18 Grand buyout package. Actually, that is generously understated. She now has a TV show and 2 books, all on gardening. Every article, she had published tons of PERSONAL PICTURES, she can NEVER reproduce or have claim, worth 10's of 10's of thousands of dollars now to her and I guess even the company, since her name is attached. She was so hot for the money, she didn't realize what she was doing by

not negotiating a payment without the pictures attached; either to up the price or lower it for the removal of the pictures. I don't suppose they would have agreed.  I'm certain they had already calculated using her pictures for her valuable space with either HER articles, of course not with her name or new ones on the same subject matter her articles rest, once she signed the dotted line and sold both her articles and spaces.  A space that was about 1000 corners.

HER LOCATION, ARTICLES, PICTURES must have been worth at least 80 Grand or more... No seriously.... for the 18G for what she had to loose, that she could have used in her ventures now, they could be gaining millions in the years to come from it all.  Today's market and for those who worry about administrators having an upperhand in holding onto articles, as an example today, for any short or long term reasons, don't know what they are talking about when it comes to a company making money off of them.  It is not even roach feed.

There will never be that type of opportunity again for the net to swindle writers.  That particular company was not the only one doing this type of thing between 5 and 10 years ago.  It's kept quiet, I'm here to tell you, I witnessed it!  Worry yourselves not.  If you have to at this stage of the game, you don't need to be in the online writing business. Period!  Start off with writing for leisure, fun or because you simply love it, then concern yourself with making money.  For making money online in buckets or even large rain drops my friend is dead, except for the money moguls from yesteryear, who were forward-thinking about the future we now live in the world of online content and the quick fix expectation of quick reads for information, generation Y devours,  all while not really caring why about a thing, but how quick or right now in seconds.  Think as quick as they can say, "Where's my cellphone?"

PART I- Is Google the Destruction of Online Article Writing?

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