Is Google The Destruction Of Pay For Online Article Writing?


I mean honestly.

Google is causing for most sites or will continue to do so during the next X months, financially changes for writers that includes the lost of income and great writers from online writing communities. Some of the same circumstances Google despises, such as multiple posting from writers to more than one site, is exacting what they are causing and killing the business of online writing because of the lack of payment writer's are receiving for online posts.

I am not implying, that it is a deliberate ploy by Google. On the contrary, today's work ethic and writing tactis

of online article writers, could be one culprit in way there is decreases in viewership of articles, less pay and even the shutting down of online writing communities or deletion of sharing revenue on a mass scale throughout the internet. This article could be the destruction of your beliefs about online publishing.

Google's hand is being forced down firm on online writing businesses everywhere, as if they are the culprits for member mass article duplication.  What are writers to do?  They post on one site than go to another and post the same content without realizing, they may be cancelling out their own ranking and thus slowing down traffic to the very sites they write on they depend on for income.  This phenomeon, believe it or not, from what seasoned writers online for more than five years can relate, is more new than standard.

There was a time just a few years ago, this was all but unheard of to duplicate post. I personally have seen the same article from one writer on more than five sites at a given moment.  This can't be good for anyone, more or less the writer that does this.  I believe, in part that when it all started, posting of duplicate content,  it was the influx of new writers that began to make use of this type of posting. There were so many options of online writing websites and the money making opportunities seemed compelling.  What

they did not realize is how the money making opportunities for online writing was constructed and also beginning to lessen or why.  Let's face it.  Many members of websites do not read the company's TOS, privacy menus or other rules or regulations more else read the extensive Google Adsense rules or contracts.  Lack of what writers feel is fair pay has been based on enormous changes in Google tolerance now for the past two to three years exclusively.

By the way, good luck if you can find a site that offers Google Adsense revenue sharing and you can keep it going for more than six months.  At least one writer right on Expertscolumn knows what I'm talking about how easy it is too loose a Google Adsense account after less than a year of posting with the system. A harsh reality, Google Adsense revenue sharing is all but dead or dangerous if one becomes dependent on it and they are duplicate posters.  Google will catch up to these type of bloggers and consider the work spam after a given time, often near the $100.00 payout.  You do know you cannot get paid from Google until you make that mark.  Don't depend on getting a check with even 500 articles if your work is not making $100.00 stretch.  If you think it is hard to make $5.00 payments, try blogging for a $100.00 minimum to collect.  It is possible, but you better have one heck of a niche and money to advertise in the 100's of dollars sometimes to make it.  Better to write for free and work offline, than try.  My opinion of course.

PART II- Google Adsense: The Killing of a Writer

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