If I Could Do It Again

Often times, I look back on my life and think about the many accomplishments I have achieved.  Like everyone that plans, progresses or finds themselves in plights of despair, I have made it through, days later with praise and thankfulness that it was not worse, any unfavorable experience. Hopefully, that is the case that we all take out time to be thankful of outcomes in our lives that surely can always be worse.

If I had the chance to live my life over or make different decisions that effected many of my experiences, would I change them?  There are schools of

thought that state belief in how, there are seven levels of decisions for every event.  I have thought about that in aspects of life.

There's the answers for making decisoins as the following: yes, no, maybe, do it, do not do it, a final decision or being stuck in the middle with waddling in weighing, what to do.  That may not be what great thinkers who believe there are seven ways for every outcome, but when I look at events in the way I just disclosed, those are indeed seven ways to do a thing or not when it comes to strategic or progressive decision making.


If I could do it again, live my life

I would take upon myself to continue to thrive from strife

I would be thankful before I start

and still not close my heart

to the magnificience of choice, the glory in rejoice

my circumstances I would compare to those who hear, but do not hear

those who see, but do not wish to

those who dear without care

and those who inspire to a higher conscience to follow as a mentor

for success, to live best and to define, conquest

If I had the chance to do it again, live my life.


If I could do it again

the mistakes I made

I would not worry that no one may understand

I might look harder for a helping hand

to help me plan plan plan to stay in command of my decisions without

forgetting that when something is out of my control, it is not because of my decisions.


If I could do it again- live my life

I would live it wiser because I would now have

the past to remind me of the joy

of progress that does not come without failure

There is death in life and life in death

The human being is a machine that becomes extinct, at least the mind

Do you but understand that it is the spirit of man that flourishes?

Without spirit, there is no soul and when I think of my life

I would do it again and again to live the spirit of my soul that I know

progresses and plans plights of success and helping my fellow man

because it is my duty as a human being to live life

and defeat strife

be a strong daughter  an effective wife

for I will do it again live my life in children that come from me or emulate how I live, my life


If I could do it again

I would do it again and again, live my life

with no fear, but cheer for having the chance to do it again in spirit

I will never lose my spirit again

This is a reflection of this moment of my life.  It has nothing to do with being a poem or sounding like the perfect published poet.  It is an expression I would have to say coming through me, for the power of the universe has commanded it.  Why, I do not know.  Maybe it was written for you to view.

© 2013 Sharon L. West- 2008-2013 MightyDreamer Publishing, Inc.

Article Written By Sharon L. West

I am a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach from a well-known and established Scientific Approach program. In my daily work, I serve as an Executive Corporate Training Trainer, Community Health Worker and Master Coach. Members will remember me as a a dedicated and sincere, former ExpertsColumn's editor and moderator. Welcome to my pages. Posting new material soon........ Sharon L. West, MCHC

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