The Night Closes On Ec

As the night closes on EC, or June 1st 2013 shall be upon all members by the time midnight strikes in America, will begin a new phrase of being revamped in ways no one knows completely, but the only administrator and owner, Niks.

An administrator, who I would think, after seeing posted by members this week alone, more than thirty positive articles written about the love for EC and the willingness to patiently wait out 90 days promotion where articles stay posted, must find himself overwhelmed.  An administrator, that has never proven to be anything but fair and caring beyond

making money, which after all, is a priority of any business owner.  Why the making of money is a priority has various levels. It is the wise business owner that puts money back into a business that helps people succeed that is warranted. It is the business ethics of Expertscolumn evidently that helps keep it afloat through storms.

If it were me, I'd be warmed, but also have anxiety of the very big shoes I have to fill now with so much positive response.  I would have to remember how my dream of building a community where writers from all walks of life could find a place they feel at home posting without being bullied and posting an enormous amount of reporting and new information they have studied or learned.  Mostly, I would be crossed with saying goodbye to what was successful when under my hand, but eager to start a new version

or level of the good started four years ago.  Niks must remember that with the support of 1000's to make EC the best writing community in the world during all it new phrases, for I cannot imagine EC will not continue to grow, given opportunity.

I pray for all who have showed me new life about the human spirit in ways that a favorable. It has made me happy to see so many people not give up on the possibilities that can be had at EC. If you have not glanced at the about page here, think about it when you glance at the about pages of other writing communities.  Many of the communities you may write for have large staff's and maybe less writers, yet one hears numerous complaints about some of these sites.  They are all new and popping maybe, but only because they are brand new. Can they last the longevity of EC?  Time will tell, I can tell you one thing, they have a long way to catch up to the spirit of the true believers of earnest and honest work.  Even more, to catch up with the hope, dreams and established professionalism as the members here at Expertscolumn.

The night closes on EC as a new day in its online writing platform dawns.

© 2013 Sharon L. West- 2008-2013 MightyDreamer Publishing, Inc.

Article Written By Sharon L. West

I am a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach from a well-known and established Scientific Approach program. In my daily work, I serve as an Executive Corporate Training Trainer, Community Health Worker and Master Coach. Members will remember me as a a dedicated and sincere, former ExpertsColumn's editor and moderator. Welcome to my pages. Posting new material soon........ Sharon L. West, MCHC

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  • icananswer  20-12-2013
    I am happy and excited about the new beginning for Expert Column. I am surprised to learn that Expert Column is adding something I have never seen before on a writing site. We are going to be paid for commenting! I think it is a great idea and encourages communication with other members. Sharing knowledge with quality articles have always been a staple of Expert Column, and I know that will never change. But its new look and encouragement of community involvement is a great addition to this reputable company.
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  • Hi Sharon! I am very happy to see the new version of EC. But I am really upset to see that EC has removed the payment option of moneybookers. Paypal is not available in my country. I am from Pakistan. I am writing on EC since 2011. I want to write more articles on EC but i have no payment option. Can you help me please?
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  • joeldgreat  15-11-2013
    and the new beginning has finally
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