Aries Women Capricorn Man Needs Part Ii

Capricorn men work with a mindset that when it comes to relationships, control of their partner’s emotions and needs is paramount. The have a place for everything in their life. As a matter of fact, there is nothing in a Capricorn’s life that is not catalogued perfectly. Aries can expect to have her place that could be minutes of a day, an hour or a day, but it will be on his terms, never on her’s.

It is said that when there is sexual intercourse between Capricorn and Aries needs for Aries to play the totally submissive partner. Aries as a

totally submissive partner… the prime woman of passion and defender of the universe, she thinks? Of course she can and will be submissive. But no one for a lifetime could she stay sexually in that role. Coming out of her role to dominate her Capricorn in any way, could be the death of their partnership as mates. Lay firmly on your back and let the Capricorn go and you will be fine. Try to take charge and you will have a problem. Handcuffs and blindfolds could be a part of his play for use on Aries and it will be when he wants not her if she wants to play this type of sex gaming. So will everything he wants to do to and or with you. Happy Capricorn will he be remember when Aries or his woman fits into how he plans for her to fit. Your emotions and needs will not matter. Sexually, Aries will be wanting for more, and have the need to play her own sexually games of intimidation and or aggression in her fantasies, but not on her Capricorn. Rumor is it that generally, they are good lovers, it is just their lovemaking as Aries will experience will leave her wondering did she get laid
or did they make love?

She will be sadly mistaken if she thinks he will not look at her as not being a woman sooner than later if she asks for more or something different than what he again, has planned. Remember, Capricorn has a to do list for everything and how to do you is part of it Aries. Don’t expect to go outside of his “goal”. He may get sick and have to stay in the bed for a few days thinking about it if you do and or how Aries didn’t do what he expected according to his plans. Alas, he will blame Aries for making him sick and retreating to the bed and ultimately find that she wasted his time when he could have been working.

They must feel they are in the position to have for instance an Aries woman ready for them, when they are ready, Not a moment sooner or later. This may work for some signs that are extremely submission and dependent on another for their own happiness and or success, but for an Aries that has qualities of being a dominant and passive lover, she will find herself often unfulfilled when she needs passion or to express it and Capricorn shuns her away or worse yet, ignores her and or lashes out for her bothering him when he is in his estimation busy with his business, which is 24 hours a day or until he suddenly realizes to himself, "oh yeah. I have a woman." It is not an exaggeration. The more successful Capricorn will become the worse it will get.

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