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White Women Forced to Marry Blacks During Slavery
Published By Sharon L. West on 2012-01-29 781 Views

White women have been abused by white men just as women of all cultures have been abused by men of their cultures.  The reasons and ways they have been are sometimes similar when it comes to oppression but then that remains a matter of begging to differ. When it comes to the Caucasian race, the differences sometimes varied because of the ever connected relationship with black and white individuals due to blacks being enslaved by whites.  This difference was two fold for the American white woman who was second class to her white counterpart of being a witness to slavery; first being naturally compassionate about the plight of Africans regardless of propaganda against them because of the nurturing instill in all females and secondly being considered less than a complete person because she is female.  Sometimes white women were worked brutally as enslaved Africans and they were often enslaved against their will since trickery was used to enslave them.

White men used a law passed in Maryland to support putting white women into slavery for life.   In September 1664, Maryland passed a law that any white woman that married a "Negro" was to serve the owner of that Negro, for life.  Men that owned slave took advantage of this new law. They coerced or convinced white women, especially if they were new to the area, to marry black men.  The women being obedient to the men and or unknowing of the law were tricked by white men into a life of bondage upheld by the law for the rest of their lives to serve and do whatever their new owner wanted of them. © 2012 Sharon L. West

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