Bo And Hope Brady Leaves Days Of Our Lives

Sorry DOOL fans, but the famed Bo and Hope union is over. First there was the beloved John Black and Marlena to leave Salem country then return a year or so later to help with the exit of three major actor's roll on Days of Our Lives, than the death of Lexie Carver, now Bo and Hope will no longer be seen again after this year as the last beloved young couple on the show.

For the past year, Peter Reckell who plays Hope's husband seemed to be showing signs his character was being written out of the show.  It could

be that the writers was trying to figure out how to make a smooth transition for the Bo Brady character to be written out.  In recent episodes, he had been estranged from Hope and mated with an another woman, Karly, who he dated once before and during the time when Hope who had been on sleepy pills trying to settle her nerves from their separation tried murdering Brady due to an allergic reaction to the pills that made her both sleep walk and psychotic.  The couple overcame that episode and got back together, just for Marlena Evans and John Black to come back to Salem in time for Stefano to inform Bo and Hope that Hope was still legally married to John.

This truth forced John and Hope to leave Salem to do a job for Stefano with the promise of being able to get a legal divorce while in the town of the job.  Instead and just before Stefano was murdered, he turned Black and Hope Horton, Bo's wife, into the famed Princess Gina and The Pawn. At the same time, Stefano had Bo attached in Salem putting him in a coma.  He awoke form the coma when Hope and

John returned back to Salem after they broke the spell of being programmed to be Princess Gina and The Pawn again, a program that has been a subject matter for Days of Our Lives for years.

Since Hopes return to Salem, the script writing of the Bo and Hope writing has been bland and meaningless, except for their need to see Dr. Marlena Evan's, John Black's wife for marriage counseling.  It appears Bo is just so intimidated and depressed that Hope is still legally married to Marlena's husband John and the thought that they were along in a foreign country together thinking they were Princess Gina and The Pawn. Hope and John were married when they were hypnotized to play those parts by Stefano.

It remains see how they will end the life of Bo as Hope's husband, but when he takes his last episode the week of July 20, 2012, the last time he will be seen on the show will be in September. Officially, Peter Reckell will no longer be playing Bo Brandy and it is quite conceivable that his character will be completely written out of the script as opposed to replacing the Brady character with a new actor.  This is not a rumor that Peter Reckell has quit Days of Our Lives.  His real live wife has been on twitter talking about how her husband has left days.  The question really, Is Days of Our Lives going off the air. It seems it may be a reality that by next year Days of Our Lives will likely be off the air, forever.

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