Why Do Men Get Naughty At 40?

Men are like open soda bottles at age 40. Before the fizz runs out they take that last leap. Why do men get naughty at 40? This question has not found answers. Hopefully, the lines to follow will attempt to clear cobwebs.

Age is a natural born killer. You realize this in-depth with every passing second. Men sober down when they reach 30. However, as they near 40, they exhibit mischievous teen-like symptoms. Perhaps it’s got to do with the fact that the prime of their youth is fading and it’s the last plunge to relive the past, and in the

process never feel old. At age 40 men love that occasional glance they get from younger women, it’s enough to convince them about the flame of youth being alive and kicking. The raging hormones that make a quiet disappearance in a man’s life make a loud comeback at 40. Boy! The bull is ready to run again!

It doesn’t come as a surprise why women keep a close eye on their men when they reach 40. In a man’s mind 40 is a gateway to a new phase in life,

something completely new, unexplored, and exciting. For married men and bachelors, life at 40 is a newfound high, a thrill seeking adventure that fizzles out as time goes by. However, until that adventure lasts, a wife/girlfriend can have sleepless nights. At age 40 men gang up with past friends from school and college. The highest number of reunions a man attends is in his 40s, and yes, that college sweetheart or college crush is around to tell a story. At 40 a man seems to find time for everything, just like in his hey days…aahh yonder. A woman is clueless about her man’s idiosyncrasies at 40, truth is…


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