Self Heating Lunch Boxes

See it in action through this article.

It was bound to happen.  A way to heat up food without electricity.  This could be a non microwave uses dream or nightmare.  It remains to be seen.  New self heating lunch could become the wave of the future.  But at what course?

According to the video attached to this article, China has come up with a method to heat food in a container with as little as included water and unknown chemicals that heat up the pre-packaged food.  A market for this product could be travelling explorers, boy scouts and other individuals that enjoy

hot food while in the wilderness but may be challenged with finding a dry premise to heat food and or build a fire to cook food outdoors.

A self heating lunch package comes equipped in a rectangluar plastic bowl that looks like a tupperware dish one would put in a microwave oven to heat food.  It is much more sturdy and thick in texture.  You open the sealed package to remove all the incredients that include the food, trays to reassemble, a water package that must be cracked open to put in the bottom of the rectangular bowl, (there could be other shapes, but in the video below, it is a rectangular shape dish), and then close the lid once you put the package as instructed back together.

There is a cord that is attached to the bowl.  When pulled properly, it will begin to
set off steam due to the chemicals that more than likely are activated along with the water to heat up by the pull of the cord.  In about 15 minutes the product is suppose to be tasty and ready to eat.  View the very short video below to watch the entire process.

China's newest innovative product could be a great new marketable device. Some of the concerns about this type of product however,  is if it is FDA approved in America, what chemicals are being used and how the effect of heating food up with plastic my cause ill-fated health conditions.  There has always been concern by scientist and doctors as to the dangers of anything frozen or heated with high heat in plastic that may be a health hazard.  One may want to investigate the pros, as well as, the cons of this type of product before making use of it.

Take a look at the product in use here.

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