How To Preserve Fruits Before Dehydrating

If you have read a series of articles I have written about dried fruits, you should remember that a major suggestion was to buy dried fruits that have not been preserved with sulfur dioxide.  Sulfur is used to help keep dried fruits look fresh and a healthy color, but it is very dangerous and causes asthmatic symptom like reactions to those who are allergic to sulfur or sulfur dioxide.  The concern for someone to make dried fruits is to how to keep them looking fresh and vibrant in color.  To make dried fruits, a preservative will be needed.  This article

explains methods of how to dry apples, pears and apricots before drying them.

According to the Mark's Daily Apple website, you will need to do the following to pre-treat fruit.  The process will also help restore some of the vitamin C in fruits lost, when dehydrating fruits.

"Dip the fruit slices in an ascorbic acid dip made by combining 2 tbsp ascorbic acid – or the equivalent of 5 grams of crushed vitamin C tablets – in one quart of water." A second method is to "blanch the fruit by putting slices in a steamer for five minutes then transferring them to an ice water bath to stop the cooking."

Using a natural process to preserve fruits that will be dehydrated for storage or used as a dried fruit for a dish is the best way to insure

the fruit stays closest to its natural state.  One of the great benefits of preserving and drying fruits is to be able to store then in an air-tight container for use when a particular fruit is out of season.  Cherries for instance can be stored for use in the winter to make homemade fruit cakes, cherry pie or muffins with cherry filling all year round if they are dehydrated.  When there is a drought in some areas that normally grown an abundance of a fruit, a dehydrated version came come in handy for consumption by the elderly or young children who need a higher dose of vitamin C, amino acids and to help boost or keep the immune system strong.  There are several ways of drying fruits. FInd the article, How to Dry Fruits by Sharon L. West or log on to the link below, Creating Dry Fruits below for various methods of drying fruits.

Creating Dry Fruits


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